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babo » hallo
xia » .....
xia » .....
krung » laplapan tayo!
hAyden » ikaw lng yta malibog e^^
hAyden » sexy katrina?
hAyden » sexy katrina?
pipoy » elow
pipoy » h
pipoy » h
vherdevera » or is this 2007? LOL
vherdevera » is this now???
sf » sssss
eecram » hehe.. elow marck..nagvisit ako hihi.. =)
chu » haha
chu » hi
sexy_katrina4 » cybersex tau jan
sexy_katrina4 » sino libog dito
sexy_katrina4 » hello hot girl ako
mis sexy »
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abou »
abou » hello dito!
chamito » hi...
anne » hello?
hector » magandang umaga sa inio ^__________^
hector » magandang umaga sa inio ^__________^
hector » hello
marocharim » lorenz labrador: tagboard to, parang chat box.
lorenz » THANK N LNG SA LAHAT NG KAIBIGAN KO;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
lorenz » para saN B TO
lorenz » helo
lorenzo labrador » helo po.............
RITCHE » tama ba ako
RITCHE » tama ba ako
RITCHE » if anyone rememebers them at all should know that UMD has twin brothers on the group
RITCHE » missing 2 orignal UNIVERSAL MOTION DANCERS the list which are MARCO & JAMES twin JIMMY (JIM) SALAS
Kaye » Hey there! bloghopping...strong colors, sign of dominance...hehe,
june » marcks,pakita k..tambay lng aq kay nanay mane pag bakante..
TheCurlyOne » Happy New Year
quintessential » congrats for your thesis! had fun reading this series
ewik » owtei??
ewik » marx, i don't know your email add. send me a message through my email add nco_que_jealindogan@msn.com. then im going to send you a copy of our thesis
funkyfarm » tis been soooo long... missed reading this blog!
krissa » marx, what's been up?=)
krissa » marx, what's been up?=)
Inkblots » or a website content management like Joomla. Maganda daw ang joomla. Try to experiment na lang. Parang blog format din.
Inkblots » Hello! I saw your SOS post. after logging is at http://marocharim.com/cpanel/ try to look for "Fantastico" the blue smiley icon. you can shoose a number of blog formats there, including WP
squiddy » wuz here. ooh. kapwa isko. apir. ^^
DaoMingMikai » Hi~ Just dropping by... Catching up with all the entries I missed (since the start of September ^^;. Hope you're doing fine. ^^
levy » hi, konting pagututwid lang po, and rosas ng digma po ay likha ni resty ella or danny fabella ng musikang bayan.salamat!
krissa » pare, okay lang yan.. sabi nga nila yung mga extending sa UP ang mas nagiging succesful..=) best thesis! yeahboy!=)
SFsfS » sfdsfs
Katrina » contrubitng to the city even just with some discipline(kahit yun lang ang contribution nila) while ripping everything the city has to offer
Katrina » You're gasta entry...so true because i live in baguio too. the painful truth here is that that these 'kids' aren't even baguio people but immigrants or offsprings of immigrants who don't bother
kubs » marck! kumusta?
ewik » naks!!!Congrats marx!!!naka naman...mag papainom ka ba??? hahaha. jk
monica » araw araw gabi gabi po, ni dindin reyes ata...
marocharim » tintin: di ko po alam, pasensya na. pero mga burlesque songs yun.
Sexytin14 » hi.. dis is tintin... cno pong nkkaalam nung theme song ng Margarita... Kailangan kc nmin sa stage presentation eeeh.. tnx po in advance.
Sexytin14 » hi.. dis is tintin... cno pong nkkaalam nung theme song ng Margarita... Kailangan kc nmin sa stage presentation eeeh.. tnx po in advance.
Sexytin14 » hi.. dis is tintin... cno pong nkkaalam nung theme song ng Margarita... Kailangan kc nmin sa stage presentation eeeh.. tnx po in advance.
Sexytin14 » hi.. dis is tintin... cno pong nkkaalam nung theme song ng Margarita... Kailangan kc nmin sa stage presentation eeeh.. tnx po in advance.
Shari » Nah, you don't of course. Someone from PinoyBlogosphere should contact you about your prize. Naks. Marocharim.com! w00t!
Velvet » hey, kuya marck!
Shari » Oi! Turns out I don't need to give you the Misteryosa Award after all. You won in the Participants' Choice Award sa Wika2007. Congratulations!
Shari » An SA once berated me for leaving the Religion part blank on my Form5. I said I was baptized as a Christian, lost my faith on the way to "adulthood," and that's that. She backed off.
jake » thanks po
andianka » argh... typos sucks... me no like me with typos. ahihihi.. sensya na po.
andianka » ahhhhh... really really nice entries you have here. amazing. im think i'll easily be a fan... hmmm...
krissa » hello marx! a fan of your blog.. if you have time visit mine, www.iconicnostalgia.blogspot.com
Shari » 21 years old? Could've fooled me
marocharim » follow me on twitter. http://twitter.com/marocharim
nikki » cool comparison seeing how murakami LOVES kafka. diba kafka on the shore.
pong » i just finished murakami's 'dance, dance, dance'. apparently he's the japanese kafka. tag!
drew » onga pala, online na ulit blog ko. sa blogspot. ^^
marocharim » drew: in retrospect, that's one cool banner keep on visiting, may broadband kayo diyan eh
drew » love the banner font marck! musta? tagal ko na di nagtag dito a.
DaoMingMikai » Hey, belated happy birthday! ^^
kix » happy marocharim day!
ewik » hampey bewtdey to us mawx!!!
jay » happy birthday!
peter » happy birthday! long live the chinese!
marocharim » thanks for the greetings,
marocharim » thanks for the greetings,
hanna » ayan 12 na. hamberdey marx. may special berdey greeting ka sa blog ko hehe
Shari » Happy birthday.
hanna » advance hamberdey convince mo ngang umakyat si ewik.
iko » english ang labanan dito, hindi ko kinakaya.
ewik » needing an innovative style of writing showbiz articles and i think yours will perfectly fit.
ewik » hahaha...nice one, marx. showbusiness! i always thought you'll be better than boy abunda. not that im comparing you to him. what im saying is you have a future in the entertainment world, they'll be..
DaoMingMikai » Hi! Just finished reading the e-book. Hope you don't lose a few brain cells while reading the comments in the email I sent you. T_T;;
peter » marx! been a few months since i've been here. hello! sex machine pa una kong nabasa. raaaa!
wanderer » saw the film...hilarious. no comment about the sex and virginity issues though
pong » marck, long time no tag got dcx, but am yet to read it. i'll let u know when i have.
zig » marck, i've read deus ex cybernetica.... galing!
paolomendoza » blog drop
daniel jr » wee.. napadaan at nagbasa..