Entry: Moving Time December 8, 2007

   No bracketed taglines for now.

   It's not that I'm discontented with BlogDrive, but I kind of figured that maybe it's high time for me to move to another blog-hosting service.  These past few years have been great, I can tell you that, but for now, it's time for Marocharim to move.

   I'm keeping this account active as "Original TMX:" I think for all that it has gone through and purposes it served for three years and 1,315 entries (including this one), it should stay just as it is.

   Basically, The Marocharim Experiment just moved here:


   For all the glorious times, I thank you all.  The Experiment, as always, continues.

   Ciao for now.  See you in the new TMX.


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