Entry: Antonio Trillanes Does Not Represent Me November 30, 2007

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   I think that if Antonio Trillanes is to beseige a hotel in the name of the people, he should qualify who are "the people."  As far as I'm concerned, Trillanes does not represent me.  I'm going on the record that as far as I'm concerned, I no longer recognize Trillanes as a Senator.

   While it is true that he is a Senator by virtue of a mandate, I question that mandate in very much the same way I question the mandate of Gloria Arroyo: mandate is not something you get from an election.  Mandate is not the rental of a seat at government.  It is something constantly renewed and affirmed.

   Noble intentions do not justify an ignoble action: the ends must always justify the means.  With someone like former Vice President Teofisto Guingona on his side, Trillanes should have been able to learn and internalize something as elementary as that.  As Trillanes literally hostaged the Manila Peninsula and proclaimed a revolt, he held the Filipino people hostage as he claimed to speak for all of them.

   Well not me.


January 6, 2011   09:09 AM PST
Always exclamation of the passage of time, but it could not catch.
November 30, 2007   06:24 PM PST
i agree!the govt has been acting immaturely recently..eraps pardon..the scams...the media arrest...the one day curfew...

ano ba talaga ang gusto ni pgma?!...

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