Entry: Swiper, No Swiping November 29, 2007

< not "dora the explorer" >

   I was reading the local paper this afternoon when I came across another crime story.  I don't have a particular taste or liking for journalists who get news bits from blotters in a police station, but that's how the business goes.  It's a good thing that the lot of criminals are not people I know, but today is different.

   Surely, coming from an expensive sectarian Catholic elementary school (not that I'm mentioning any names here) should teach you a thing or two about codes of conduct.  Because I'm Machiavellian to a certain extent, I judiciously lie and judiciously cheat.  Stealing is different: I won't swipe a USB thumbdrive attached to a computer I'm renting, nor would I pocket a lost cellphone.  I won't... hmmm... take a cousin's digital camera lying around at a side table, fence it on over to some stolen-gadget hawker for a couple of thousand pesos, get arrested, and attest in a sworn statement that I forgot who I sold it to.

   And to think I knew the guy in that news report.  To think that I went to the same school as that guy.


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well at least as yop said it "not dora the explorer" jajajaja, well not all days you can read something good, in some newspapers the only thing that you can read is crap.
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