Entry: Piss, Stat! November 23, 2007

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   It has been said that Socrates taught from a hammock, and both Plato and Aristotle taught by walking their students through olive groves.  These interesting factoids are stuff I got from learning political theory in a classroom.  I'm not saying that high school students who study their lessons under the shade of a mango tree because they don't have a classroom have it better than us, though.

   If there's a tree in the forest, piss on it, I say.

*      *      *

   The Times Higher Education Supplement - Quacquarelli Symonds (THES-QS) World University Rankings have just been released, and it's a good thing I'm not wearing my University of the Philippines jacket.  As a UP student, I should feel shame in UP being ranked as 398th in the world, but pride in UP being ranked as still the number one university in the country.  And then there's that paranoiac feeling that one day, Ateneo de Manila University will one day be the number one ranked university in the Philippines.

   Nothing against Ateneo, but I think that there is a mutual feeling of paranoia between them and us.  Considering that because of immature minorities who uphold the color of their jackets and will defend their mascots to death, both the Oblation and the Blue Eagle are engaged in an imaginary piss contest right now.  Add to that La Salle's Green Archer and (pardon the metaphor) and you have got a scatological ménage à trois.

   Which brings to mind some rhetorical questions: if the Oblation has a fig leaf cast in stone, will he?  Do birds even urinate?  Is the Green Archer the cousin of the Green Lantern?

   Much as I'd like to blame the UP student for its cutthroat competitive attitude bordering on arrogance, it's simply not the case.  For example, Saint Louis University prides itself on being the number one ranked university in Northern Luzon, but will hear nothing of UP Baguio being part of the UP system and as such, rankings are mutually exclusive.  Add to that the University of Baguio and the University of the Cordilleras, and you basically have a four-way deathmatch where everything is settled on the basketball court (for us UP Baguio students, we pride ourselves on our cheering/heckling).  At the last Baguio-Benguet Educational Athletic League (BBEAL), bruised egos where everywhere, since the Cordillera Career Development College won the tournament.

   Heck, even in the arena of diploma courses, there is cutthroat competition between Systems Technology Institute (STI) and AMA Computer University.  It's all a matter of who makes a better commercial: my sister studies at STI, and there's this video CD where (save for free music videos from Sitti Navarro and Join the Club) courses are advertised.  AMA is no slacker when it comes to advertising, especially when you have Jolina Magdangal singing your theme song that you're "AMA: The School of Today."

*      *      *

   If there's anything two takes of Statistics taught me, it's that statistics don't prove anything to a person who is not interested in statistical data.  So piss on that.


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