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Welcome to Volume 6 of The Marocharim Experiment. This blog is authored and maintained by Marocharim, the self-professed antichrist of new media.

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Marocharim is a 21-year-old college senior from the University of the Philippines Baguio, majoring in Social Anthropology and has a minor in Political Science. He lives with his parents, his brother and his sister in Baguio City - having been born and raised there all his life. He is the author of three book-versions of The Marocharim Experiment.

Most of his time is spent at school, where he can be found in the UP Baguio Library reading or scribbling notes, and sometimes hanging out with his friends or by himself in the kiosks, or the main lobby. During his spare time, he continues writing. When not in school he hangs out with his friends, or takes long walks around Baguio City to, as he puts it, "get lost."

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May 1, 2005
Labor Pains? Try Lamaze

< another boring labor day... >

   It isn't much of a joke, if you asked me, considering my propensity for bad jokes.  The thing is I don't even enjoy Labor Day, for the fact that there's absolutely nothing to do except sit at home and review for my PI 100 exam armed with readings galore.  The more I think about it I should get to more important... stuff, like to expose myself to people and get to my intermittent doses of macchiato: i.e., real coffee.  None of that Nescafe crap... which is good an explanation to why I don't drink coffee off the sachet, the pack or the Nescafe machine at school.

   So while some of my friends view some Japanese porn ( o_O ), I'm sitting down here, typing like mad about coffee and, possibly, labor.  One of the focal points of a typical tibak discussion on the current Philippine situation on labor is Nestle.  Like, "there's blood in your coffee" because of labor abuses by Nestle.  So that brings us to an interesting crux... isn't it true that the strike is the legitimate biting of the hand that feeds you?

   Now that's dope, in a hip-hoppy thing I tend to talk in nowadays.  Word to your motha.

   Current labor abuses are almost always related to "pertinent" issues that it's starting to sound like the same old song, look like the same old sock and feel like the same... I'll stop there before I start to sound pornographic.  Think about it: the Hacienda Luisita issue is still being trotted around march-rallies to be at the pinnacle of labor abuses in the country.  I mean, hey: screw Luisita, it's their problem.  I don't know how other people can even bother to blow the trumpet of the HL issue while they can't resolve their own issues with their employers.

   Or so I thought... I'm a bit disillusioned right now.

Posted at Sunday, May 01, 2005 by marocharim


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